İs it okay to flirt with someone else? And is flirting cheating?

By | January 15, 2023

Is flirting cheating? Okay, so your man is openly flirting with another woman and you’re not cool with that is flirting with someone else ever. Someone asked me recently this week,, basically they were out with their men and they noticed that the guy that they were with was interacting with another girl and kind of laugh, you know. You know, having a drink and clearly flirting. So she said to me, I felt it was wrong. But I said something to him and he kind of just brushed it off and told me not to worry about it because he loves me and he’s with me. Is it wrong that I actually said something and is floating with someone else ever okay. All right, you want my honest opinion.

Why is flirting not ok?

Well, the answer is no flirting is never okay and here is the reason why essentially what floating does is it actually shows that you have almost a sense of emotional cheating inside your head and that is being transcended into actual physical actions. Now people tend to think that floating is okay or it’s kind of harmless because it’s not actually cheating as such. It’s not kissing someone. It’s not having sex with someone, but there are different levels of cheating out there and cheating doesn’t just happen in an instant. Cheating usually starts off on that sort of basic level, whether it’s thinking about someone or for. And then it can escalate into something more at the end of the day. Floating is completely disrespectful to the person that you’re in a relationship with and not only that, it is totally unnecessary. It makes us feel devalued. It makes us start to question our own worth, which we shouldn’t do because that’s his choice to do that and it’s not necessarily a reflection of who we are as a person and a partner. Now obviously there are at different levels of floating. There is just a cheaply smile. There is a wink. There is maybe a little bit of a a text that has some sort of playfulness to it all. There is like full blown floating when your body language is pretty much the same. I want you and I’m gonna do something about it. Either way, flirting is still flirting.

How social networks affects relationship?

Let’s not water it down just because social media has started throwing us all these images of half-naked people and we’re trying to be okay with it when most of the time we aren’t okay with it. We need to take responsibility of our actions in a relationship and we need to keep the person where with accountable to their actions and also how they actually make us feel. So what should you do in the instance of having your boyfriend or your partner or your husband flirt with somebody else? The first thing you need to do is you need to understand that it is not okay and you do not need to feel guilty about addressing it with him. You need to talk to him about it. Now. This isn’t about you know bashing him over the head with a glass or a handbag or screaming at him in public and pushing the other galaxy is about taking the time to pull him aside and communicate clearly with him that his behaviors actually are hurtful that they’re not respectful and that you are okay with it. Then the tricky part is this you need to stop and you need to listen to what it is that they say back to you without taking offence or without wanting to attack, you see the best way to handle difficult conversations in a relationship. Is to be able to listen more than what you actually speak.

How to save relationship?

First, I would ask him, what is it that he actually sees that is okay about his behavior, explain the situation to him instead of just full on attacking him and I would actually reverse the situation. Almost give him a little bit of an example if you had done that with another man, do you think it would be okay if I said that same text to one of my work colleagues, do you actually think it would be okay if I slurred with Tom . They need to be able to see the reverse sort of effect or basically have the scenario turned around. Where would be you know you doing the negative action before they actually understand that there is white behind their actions and that it isn’t okay. It’s like they need to feel what that consequence or what that emotion. Actually feel like in order to be able to really understand where you’re actually coming from, another question that I would ask him why he has the need to flirt that because it’s an old habit that needs to die hard or is it because he’s under male peer pressure with all the other boys around him and he’s got that boy mentality. Which is not an excuse for any sort of disrespectful behaviour, by the way, or is it because he feels that he’s not actually being having these needs met inside the relationship? Let’s not forget that people don’t always do things just because affairs don’t come out of nowhere most of the time and I’m not saying that floating is going to turn into cheating as such. I’m not saying it’s going to turn into an affair, but if we can understand the why, then we’re going to be able to counteract it and bring a solution that both of you can work on so that it doesn’t escalate into more. So there is your answer. Now if your partner is someone who does flirt with other people, then it’s time to have that conversation. Because clearly you are not cool with it and I will tell you right now you don’t have to put up with it either. And if you are someone who struggles with flirting with others because you crave that attention or you really just struggle with being faithful, then it’s really time to start to hit some of these demons on the head and understand that there are consequences to our actions and that when we’re in a relationship. It’s not just about how it affects us it’s also how it affects our partner as well.

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