My partner cheated on me but I love him

By | January 15, 2023

My partner cheated on me, but I love him. What should I do, what should I say. I know that you feel hurt and that you are seeking some advice from your friends, your family and they will all tell you the same. That is just an asshole if you don’t have not cheated on you and that you need to leave. And I get it basically because they want to protect you. What I want to tell you is that there is two different situation and I want you to open your ears and to make sure that you will listen to what I have to say here because this is very important. First of all, there is two situation when we talk about cheating on a partner, like when a man will cheat on you, there is two main reasons.

Problems in a relationship

Reason number one. It’s when there is troubles in the relationship. So basically the relationship doesn’t provide the fund excitement you know doesn’t provide the butterflies in the stomach. In this case, men, maybe they don’t know how to communicate. Maybe they don’t know how to express and open up with you. So basically they will do something very much stupid, but they will just cheat on you. They will see if the grass is greener outside and this is not because I want to explain or justify behavior. If you feel that it was not okay, I do agree with you. This is my value about fidelity. But what I really want to tell you is this when a guy is not happy, sometimes it doesn’t know how to communicate. It doesn’t know how to open up. And after cheating. Maybe you caught him, maybe he said that it would change. You need to make sure that the wood of the problem. Which is open up when something is wrong will be overcome. So basically you will be able to work on it in order to make your relationship stronger. So option number one, when the relationship didn’t provide enough happiness. It’s possible that someone would cheat. And if you look at this situation. There is a way to make your relationship even better than the past. I’m not saying that everyone should do it. I’m just giving you the option because I have got so many women and I have seen thousands of them after infidelity being able to rebuild themselves to rebuild their relationship and to be even happier from the past option.

Once a cheater, always a cheater

Number two and this is maybe the one that the most common. It’s when a man will always cheat. He’s just a cheater, right, it doesn’t care about love, doesn’t care about feelings, doesn’t care about you. He will maybe come back with these beautiful walls, but no actions. This is just a toxic situation and still I’ve got thousands of women in this situation. You want to give him the benefit of the dot, which is maybe maybe it will change. Maybe it is to no, there is no maybe when there is infidelity when someone cheated on you, it’s about do do we have any problem, yes or not. And you will see that he is a toxic guy when you will always put the fault on you if it’s the case, this is not option number one, it’s option number two is just so smart that is trying to manipulate you not anymore because you have me as your relationship expert. So ladies, you need to be really honest with yourself. You need to listen to your intuition was the relationship really in a situation where you could have done better. Both of you. Do you think that there is ways to grow as person and as a relationship and option number two, do you feel that this guy is just toxic that it will continue? And even if you love him, you should not stay with him even if you love him, you should not be happy staying with him because you will. And it’s maybe not something that you want to hear, but I have to be honest with you, right. If you know the situation you’re in, you will feel stronger. You will feel happier and this is where we want to go. This is where we want to have the resorts. So ladies, it’s time for you to be opening your eyes. It’s time for you to feel that there is this two situation option. Number one, we can make it works. Option number two, we have to leave. We have to because this guy will not live by himself. He wants to control you. He wants to own you. That’s not ok. So. I love to say that there is always a solution, maybe sometime it’s not the one you want, but there is a solution and if this guy cheated on you, but you love him, ask yourself. Is there really something that we can learn from this expense. Instead of you are the bad partner and is the best and you cheated because of no, that’s not okay.

Can relationship survive infidelity?

Sometimes we are just getting the shortcut or infinidelity is bad. I’m not saying it’s good. I’m not saying like, oh, let’s been fitter. No, what I’m saying is like maybe sometimes we can make it work. Maybe sometimes we can learn together, right. Not all the time, but sometimes so let’s try to see what you think. I mean, the chat below in the comment section, what you think, if it’s something that you want to work on it, is it something that is worth it but don’t. Don’t lie to yourself if you see something wrong, if you see something toxic, I don’t want you to continue.

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