What is an emotional affair? 7 signs of it.

By | January 15, 2023

So, what is an emotional affair? Emotional affairs are speaky and it’s common to find out you’re in one before you even know what happened. Things like facebook, twitter, instant messaging, texting. All feel an emotional affair today on reaction reset. I’m going to go through seven warning signs of an emotional affair so you can decide if you’re in. The. Emotional affairs are sneaky because it’s two people not really planning to have one and what ends up happening is those two people are both looking for belonging, looking for understanding looking for love expressed in a way they can feel it. This begins with their emotions, so most of the time neither partner really knows what’s happening. They like it because it’s a secret. It’s like their best friend. This person takes on a power that’s greater than their partner at home and this was what makes it so difficult because you try to keep it like it’s nothing. It’s a friend, it’s only a friend.

How emotional affair affects relationship?

But if you’re the partner of a person involved, you start feeling like it’s a little bit more than a partner. And what ends up happening is it can destroy your original relationship. It can make your partner at home feel worthless, devalued and they begin to get jealous. This leads to breakups, divorces and it really destroys relationships if an emotional affair sounds and feels like a friendship. How do you spot it, I’m going to walk you through seven signs of an emotional affair. The first sign is you begin to feel closer to your friend than your partner. In fact, you’re so close. You would tell them anything and it’s not uncommon that you would actually tell them bad things about your partner at home. The friendship is kept secret from your partner. Now this is really important because it’s not so much that you will lie to your partner, but you become very evasive. In other words, you stop talking about your friend network. You lead them out of stories. The third sign is you begin to think of your friend all the time. So when you’re out with your partner or anyone else, you’re thinking about the friend. If it’s people you trust, you may even talk about the friend and you also like, if let’s say something happens really good, really bad. You think about telling your friend and not your partner another sign is that you begin to really pay attention, how you look for your friend not so much with your partner so you can see how the attraction is deepening. How you look to this person, the fact that you make yourself look desirable or a cute or handsome is saying that this person is already taking on a power over your partner.

Is emotional affair considering infidelity?

A fifth sign. Did you begin feeling sexual, you begin having sexual fantasies about your friend and basically you’re not feeling this way about your partner anymore. In fact, you’ve already started this whole process of comparing your friend to your partner and your friend is winning. Another similar sign is you’re looking for ways to be alone with your friend. You’re looking for opportunities where you can be isolated and not disturbed and alone. The final sign is that you break personal boundaries for your friends. So like at night, if your partner is not around, you’ll text them late at night. You’ll find ways to talk to them if there’s something, let’s say you and your partner. Go on a date, you will actually interrupt that date to check in and talk to your friend stopping in emotional affairs a lot. Easier said than done. I usually advise clients to do it quickly and the reason I do this is because you have a chance to stop it, grieve it and basically move on, redirect your focus to moving forward. You have to close all lines of communication because if there’s even one open, there is a threat that you will continue the emotional affair. I will warn you that you will feel a void after you break up an emotional affair you’ve had all this time together. You’ve created a whole secret relationship and now it’s gone filling that void with close friends. Family, doing new hobbies, investing in new things are going to improve. You are going to be so much healthier than pining and thinking about this person that you let. An emotional affair will not cause a divorce, but it will if you don’t end it, notice the signs and take action today.

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