What is considered cheating in a relationship?

By | January 15, 2023

Does anybody know what is considered cheating in a relationship? Now here’s the deal with the infidelity. I’m like talking about my own personal story and whatever. So it brings up the topic of infidelity, which also brings up the topic of cheating. I hear it often and it has to do with cheating.. What constitutes cheating? Apparently a lot of people think that, you know, president clinton. You can remember back in the day he was like, it’s not cheating. It was only a blow job. It’s not cheating. It’s only like cybersex. It’s not cheating. We were only skyping sex, it’s not cheating. Just because you don’t have the penetration doesn’t excuse the act of cheating now. Here’s the rule of them. Ok, this is more about the person understanding what their boundaries and limitations are and like basically how much shit you’re willing to put up with. And I hope if you love yourself, it’s not much. It has to do with you. Understanding exactly what you’re willing to tolerate. It’s integrity if somebody is out of integrity and they are doing stuff behind your back and they’re talking to somebody that they know that they wouldn’t openly just tell you like, hey, dude, I caught up with my friend. Oh, just so happened he was my prom date from nineteen eighty eight and we were like kicking it on facebook and you know what happened. He and his wife went to this awesome resort in aruba and they were talking about it. No big deal, dude. Like whatever like this is somebody that I knew from a thousand years ago, but if it’s shady and you’re cryptic and you’re hiding and you’re sneaking and you’re scheming and your shady. Then that’s cheating. Anything shady rule of thumb. Zero tolerance to shady if it seems like it’s disingenuous and not honest and not open and not legit and just reeking of the shady.

Drawing the line in relationship

Then you gotta cut it loops. You gotta love yourself enough to be like, all is cool, you’re just not ready to be with somebody like me because somebody like me not down with the shady shit. So understand where you are at, it’s not about them. It’s about you when people cheat, it’s about a lack of self love for themselves. They’re looking outside themselves to soothe things that are missing that they can’t fulfill within themselves. I ask you. Do you really want to be with somebody like that, and I know but you love them and you love them that makes you a codependent. You gotta have boundaries. You got to have self love without it. People are sticking around in relationships and they’re not aware of how to solve the core issue problem that’s leading to the cheating in the first place, which is.

Why is self love important?

A lack of self love, so get yourself love on point on either side of the fence, the cheater or the cheat the cheater. The person who is being cheated on. However, what you want to say, it it all boils down to self love, got self love. You got no need to cheat. You got self love. You ain’t sticking around and letting the cheat a cheat again, so handle it, get yourself live on point.

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