Who cheat most in a relationship?

By | January 15, 2023

Being cheated on hurts and not only does it hurt, it also shatters your self esteem and breaks your will to trust anybody ever again. It’s a nasty thing. I want to tell you exactly what type of women are guaranteed to end up cheating so you can be careful and avoid the unbearable pain caused by infidelity, the rate of infidelity in relationships is already on the rise and more men actually, more people overall are being cheated on than ever before and I don’t want you to be one of those men. Here are the five types of women who will cheat on you.

Woman with low self esteem

So type number one, the one with low self esteem. So I’m talking about women who feel absolutely terrible about themselves and constantly need reasons or ways to feel good about themselves and she needs to please herself in whatever way possible to get rid of that feeling of self hatred. I know you should feel sad for her a woman in this situation is likely to indulge in heavy drink thinking, frequent partying, drug abuse. And any other form of instant gratification that she can get her hands on and self loathing is one of these. Moreover, she’s likely to flirt with other guys, often continue to use dating apps and social media platform. To meet people and even reach out to her exes from time to time indulging in activities like these gives her the constant self gratification that she so desperately craves. And if one day she wants to have an affair to make herself feel good she most likely will not hesitate gay type number two, the spoiled brat just like a woman with extremely low self esteem. The spoiled brad is also someone who needs constant self gratification. But her need stems from a different place. You see a spoil brat is a woman who has been put on a pedestal all of her life who’s got in everything that she wants. She has never been told not to do something and no one has called her out on her bad behaviors basically all her life. She has had a free pass to do whatever she wants and face no repercussions whatsoever. So when you’ve had a life experience of that kind, you’re likely to value self gratification over anything else and you’re likely. To overlook other people’s feelings and desires and focus only on pleasing yourself and this obviously doesn’t work in a relationship because in a relationship or even in dating, you have to consider and respect each other’s emotions and needs and more importantly, you have to put your own desires aside at times and make compromises and the spoil brat archetype is unlikely to do so so if things are not going too well in. A relationship or if she’s just playing board, she might look elsewhere to fulfill her desires without thinking about the consequences of her actions.

Jealousy as a reason of cheating

Another type is the one driven by jealousy. So let me explain a relationship where cheating almost always ends up happening is one where one pipe partner is hyper possessive and jealous. So imagine this if you were dating somebody who regularly looked through your phone without permission demanded to know where you were at all times and got pissed off every time you went out with your friends without her and screamed at you if you go a single day without calling or texting, would you cheat on her or not. I mean, this person is essentially treating you like you already cheated even though you did nothing wrong. So why not cheat, it’s not going to get any worse and you’re already being blamed for it and that’s exactly what happens. A woman might think. Well, my boyfriend yells at me every day anyway and now that I’m with my friends and we’ve had a. A few drinks I realize I haven’t been happy with him in about a year. So yeah, why don’t I kiss the bartender, why don’t I kiss the attractive guy who’s hitting on me right now. He’s actually nice to me. He makes me feel good and I’m going to get yelled at when I go home anyway, so why not, I’m right there. You get cheated on now almost every relationship will have a little bit of jealousy involved and that’s totally normal but extreme jealousy. That kind where you just can’t trust your partner is super toxic. It communicates that you’re highly insecure, which makes you unattractive and it has repercussions and it makes your partners life miserable to the point where she is tempted to cheat. It’s better to find out if someone is cheating sooner than later moving on to the next type type number four, the one you do everything for a common pattern you’ll see in relationships where cheating happens is where one person does everything for the other person they take care of them giving everything that they want and in most cases support them. Now that person feels like they’re being perfect to the partner but then what happens, they get cheated on.

Personal story

I recently read an article which described this exact situation. I’ve actually talked to hundreds of guys who have been in the situation a man was married to his wife for over ten years, filed for divorce after he caught her cheating. This man said that he was shocked and devastated because he didn’t know what went wrong. He did everything for her. Why did she. Do this to him. Well. Here’s the reason why here is why women in the situation cheat. You see when you do everything for your partner, when you take care of all of their problems and show them that no matter what happens, you will always make it better for them. You show them that there are essentially no repercussions for their actions. They can do whatever and it will always be ok, so they go ahead and do something like have an affair and cheat on you without worrying about any consequences. I mean, think about it. It might seem unfair, but you’re enabling this behavior. You’re basically turning them into that spoil brat archetype that we talked about. You’re training them if you don’t assert healthy boundaries in your relationship and give your partner the license to do whatever they want and you solve every problem they face that doesn’t make you a great partner even though you think you’re doing everything for them, healthy relationship requires that you say no to each other at times that you stand up for yourself that you assert your boundaries. Convey your individual needs and decide what is and isn’t acceptable. In your relationship. That’s the price of a healthy long term relationship and it’s pretty cheap.

The most common reason of cheating

Another type is the one who feels neglected and this is the most common, right. If a woman feels neglected by her partner or unseen or unappreciated, she will be tempted to look elsewhere. She’s not getting that high feelings of love and attention. So she’s going to want her from somewhere else in a relationship. You want your significant other to give you attention to want to spend time with you to show that they care about you when these things don’t happen or at least in a way that you understand you feel like you’re not loved or valued anymore and it drives people, but mainly women absolutely bonkers. Most women need frequent reassurance and signs. We need to feel like you’re still interested that you’re invested in the relationship and it’s one of your top priorities, if not. You know, the top so if you’re one of those guys who stops putting effort into a relationship after those first couple of months, which happens, it’s very common and if you stop giving your partner the attention, time and support that she needs, if you don’t show her that you’re still interested in her turned on by her desire her, you can bet. She’s going to be miserable and there is a good chance that she’s going to start looking elsewhere if she has that in her, which means she will either end up ending things with you or cheating on you and the solution here as you probably guess it is to not neglect your partner far too many people are guilty of this in a long term relationship and I get it. But you have to remember to show your commitment to your partner to show your love and more importantly. Your desire research shows that the number one predictor of a long lasting relationship is our perception of our partner’s commitment towards the relationship.

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