Why are men the most cheating people?

By | January 15, 2023

Why are men the most cheating people? Why do men cheat on women they love. I’m going to tell you the truth about why men stray and it might surprise you. Ok, so cheating is an emotional topic and I know this is going to get a very emotional response. So before I begin, I just want to say that I am not excusing or condoning the behavior. I am just explaining it to you. I don’t think cheating is okay ever. I think it is a horrible thing to do to someone else. I think it is the ultimate betrayal and I’ve been cheated on. So I know first hand how awful the experiences. So some of the things that I’m going to say in this video might make you upset and you might feel like, oh, so you’re saying it’s my fault. I’m not at all because there is always a choice to cheat. I’m just explaining from the male perspective and obviously this doesn’t come from my brain. This comes from reading the research and from interviewing men, I’m explaining to you why it happens so you can understand and there is peace in the understanding and in gaining the clarity, there really is only one main reason why men cheat and then there are supplemental reasons that add to that.

Biology reasons

Let’s get into it and talk about why men cheap number one, it’s biology. I mean, if we’re going to go to the basics here. Men are biologically wired to want more sexual partners a man has infinite seed to spill. Men are primed to want to have as many children as possible and for a man it takes a second to make a child for a woman. It is of your sacrifice of her life carrying a baby, giving birth, nursing the whole thing. So women are more selective in their sexual partners, but we all know this. We all know that men want to spread their seed. You know, seek a lot of partners and yes, there is a biological component to it, but this does not make all men cheaters. There are other important factors at play. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the basic biology that drives this. The fact is cheating isn’t just about a man’s innate need to spill his seed propagate fear. It also comes down to his upbringing. His core values and the relationship dynamic. Which we’re going to get to next and opportunity there. Is that saying that says a man is only as faithful as his options. This is probably why celebrities are rarely ever faithful, if ever. I would almost say that they are never faithful and that’s because no one has more options and opportunities than a celebrity. Like if you get in a relationship with a celebrity, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re going to be cheated on. That’s a separate topic.

A loser in the relationship

Number two, and this is the biggest reason of all why men cheat because he feels like a loser in the relationship. Now I’m going to ask you something here. Please bear with me for this point because I know that it might sound upsetting to you. So when I say that a man feels like a looser relationship. What it really means is there is an emotional breakdown or an emotional disconnection between him and his partner and he basically feels unappreciated and like a loser in the relationship marriage counsellor m gary newman, who wrote the book the truth about cheating surveyed hundreds of men as part of his research. So he surveyed married men who were faithful and married men who had cheated and he found that ninety two percent of those who had cheated said that it wasn’t about the sex. It was because they felt unappreciated in their relationship. One thing that I tell you guys a lot in this channel is that men are driven to feel like winners. And one thing that he discovered in his research was that a lot of the men said, I just felt like I couldn’t win. That’s essentially what it came down to. Now. A lot of people don’t like the word winners that I use when describing this. So we don’t we could substitute winners with many to feel respected or many to feel appreciated. Sheeting is usually the result of an easy opportunity combined with him feeling like a loser in his relationship in order to feel valuable and significant. He may give into temptation. It’s not because he no longer loves his wife or no longer desires her. It wasn’t just a physical need when a guy has that feeling of being a loser of being unappreciated. He may give into that temptation no matter how much he loves his wife and maybe this sounds absurd and ridiculous, but that just goes to show you how strong this need is within a man affairs usually start when a man feels misunderstood or unappreciated in areas of his life that are meaningful and important to him and it’s usually that meeting of opportunity and that feeling. So maybe he needs a woman who does get him, who does appreciate him, who does make him feel like a man who really admires him, who really taps into his interests and what lights him up and when he has that easy opportunity. That’s when things can go in that dark direction. It’s not that he doesn’t love his partner anymore. It’s that he doesn’t feel that connection anymore. That connection where she really sees the real him and appreciates him and loves him for who he truly is. She kind of just feels annoyed by him like everything he does is wrong, like he can never do enough for her.

Personal story from Eric

So for example, and I’m giving you this example that actually this is Eric’s example. This is how he explained it to me a while ago when we were working out, you know why men cheat on articles and books that we’ve written on a new mode. Eric is my partner on a new mode and this is how he described it and I just thought the way that he explained it was so good. So that’s why I’m borrowing it here. So let’s say a guy is a programmer and he’s really passionate about programming and he goes to work and all day he’s so on fire and he’s super passionate about it and he’s just really living his passion. Pursuing his dreams and he comes home and he wants to talk about it with his wife and she’s just like, oh, honey, can we not talk about that, and I just don’t like all that technical stuff now here go do the dishes, you know. All of a sudden he just feels defeated. He feels like she doesn’t get me. She doesn’t see me. She doesn’t care about what’s important to me, doesn’t even appreciate me and let’s say this goes on for a while and in time he just shrinks more and more and just feels so insignificant in her eyes and then he meets this young girl or she doesn’t even have to be a young girl. She me an old girl. It doesn’t matter. He meets this girl. I was office who connects with him on that level, who thinks that he’s brilliant. Who thinks his programming ideas are incredible and she wants to know more and she’s amazed by everything he knows and she shows an interest in it and that fills him up that makes him feel really good that gives him this feeling that he hasn’t had in a really long time and he feels good about himself. He feels seeing he feels appreciated and those things combined just have the potential to take him down a bad path. Now again, I’m not saying this makes it ok again. I’m just explaining it to you from the male perspective. Now I just want to give you a piece of advice for your relationship in terms of making me feel appreciated. You don’t have to study code or be a programmer in order to connect with him on that level. You don’t even have to. Like the same things that he likes. But it is important to try to understand why he likes those things and what need that fulfills within him and to try to tap into that not just dismiss it. Plus there’s a takeaway for your own relationship. It’s important to try to connect to the emotions he feels about a certain thing rather than the thing itself. It’s easy to recognize what pills a man up and what excites him, what he’s passionate about. So that’s what we need to tap into. And I also just want to point out that this is why so often you’ll see celebrities. We’re going back to celebrities again because they just cheat so much so they are good to drop on. But this is why so often you’ll see male celebrities cheat on their gorgeous a list wives with these plain jane girls most likely is because those wives stopped appreciating them and seeing them a special, maybe because she feels like her specialness surpasses his either way, most likely the cases that this other woman really saw that part of him that was being neglected by the gorgeous wife. I mean, something like when we read these stories. We’re like, what how could he cheat on her. And this explains it. This is the reason why number three he was raised thinking cheating is ok. We all have a moral code. We all have beliefs. We all have a line of what’s acceptable, what’s unacceptable? Some people grow up thinking that monogamy is unrealistic. That’s their belief. Maybe they’ll get into committed relationships, but they still kind of have that belief in the back of their mind and that will give them a license to cheat because they deep down don’t really think that they’re in the wrong. Maybe a guy grew up with a father who constantly cheated on his mother and the mother just looked the other way or maybe she was okay with it. Maybe she was too scared to say anything, so he thought this is ok, you know, a marriage can work out like this. The guy can just go cheat and do his business. Maybe this guy just doesn’t value committed relationships. Maybe he was cheated on in the past and now he’s just taking it out on future relationships. Maybe he’s a narcissist or a sociopath. Whatever the case may be, he could just have the core belief that it is ok to cheap and there’s nothing wrong with it. Number four, he found someone better suited for him. Now this one. A lot and this is what happened to me in my relationship. I mean, me and the guy just weren’t a match and he found someone who was match and went in that direction and it happens. I mean, look, I think that the right thing to do is to end your current relationship before you you know, pursue someone else, but even that’s painful too. I mean, there’s no way around it. Sometimes you’re in a relationship with someone that you think is great. You think they’re wonderful, then you meet someone who really, really taps into who you are, who really just gets you who you really can see a future with who you really can build a meaningful connection with and meaningful partnership with. And that’s what happens. I mean, it’s hard, it’s painful, but it’s just the way it goes. Not everyone’s a match. Unfortunately, sometimes just isn’t right and unfortunately sometimes someone will cross paths. Someone else who just is a better match for them and they’ll just pursue that. If you’re in this boat, I really feel for you.

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