Why does husband – wife cheating happen in a happy marriage?

By | January 15, 2023

The question is, why do husband – wife cheating happens in a happy marriage? The simple answer is that men who are happily married do not cheat. I don’t care what you’ve seen in, you know, in movies and on television or even read in books or or heard from articles happily married men would never cheat. If you have a lily in your hand, why would you crush it if a man is happily married. It means that he’s so in love with his wife. That literally every single day is happier than the day before. I know you have not heard this qualification of a happy marriage before. That’s because the world is so screwed up when it comes to understanding or I should say a lack of understanding about marriage.

Problems in a marriage

If your husband is telling you, no, I’m totally happy. Happily married, honey, but, you know, I blah, blah, blah, it’s all nonsense. He does not want to trigger you. And so he is pretending that you are fine. It’s that old classic. Oh no, it’s not you it’s me. I’m really happily married but, you know. I got drunk or I happen to be I happen to be at a a bar with some friends watching naked girls dance. It’s all crazy. It’s all nonsense. And, Unfortunately, men and women are taught how to lie effectively in our society. We’re taught how to dodge bullets. But we’re not taught the most important of all. Things. What is that that is that we and this is not a religious lesson, but it’s the truth. We are souls essentially. Yes, we do have a body. Yes, we do have a mind. But we are souls and part of that is that we are love. And the thing that we crave more than anything is to have love. You know. One of my heroes. Steve jobs died and as he was leaving, whose time people had missed it. This guy had power money. Had it all but he didn’t have love now. He didn’t know how to frame it. He said I should have worked on my family, et cetera. But that’s not necessarily it that is. The venue that you are in the venue I’m in and most of us are in which is marriage and it’s literally designed. To give us incredible love, incredible happiness. Every day better, you know, love. Cannot be contained. It is not an emotion. This is what. The western psych world tells us that its love is an emotion, but it is not an emotion. Emotions are software packages in our minds. What love is is love is everything. There are many people who interchange the word love and god the same thing. It has no boundary. It’s limitless. And when you feel and you have felt it, you know. Even when you go to weddings, right, you go to a wedding, you’re you’re sitting there and there’s this moment when all of a sudden it’s like your heart opens up.

What is love?

All of us have had that experience and we almost run away from it because the mind. Which is not limitless. Like love can’t wrap its arms around it. Another time that you have felt love is when you’ve seen your children asleep. I mean, you look at him and you just. Why they’re not doing anything. They’re not telling you they love you. But it’s the nature of love is giving and so your heart opens up to them. And we’re not taught. How. To make that happen in our lives or in our marriage. And that is what’s missing. And so if your husband is cheating on you. It means he’s not having that. It means that you probably squabble, you take each other for granted, you argue over things.

How to solve problems?

You have problems in your marriage and and now we have learned in society. Oh, sure, everyone has problems. Everyone fights. There is no fighting in my marriage. And there’s no fighting in the marriages where people come to us for marriage help and we teach them. They don’t have fighting in their marriage. We don’t teach people how to argue better. We teach people how to eliminate the idiotic things that are done. That hide the natural love from coming up. So your husband is not happily married. Don’t believe it for a minute. I don’t care what he says. It’s impossible. That’s like jumping in the water and leaving dry. You’re not if you’re cheating on your wife. You’re not happily married. Because when you’re happily married, there is nothing you wouldn’t do for your wife. And ladies, I’m telling you now. You have all the power to become his queen to make yourself the only thing he thinks about all day, but you’re not taught any of this. Now you’re having your experiencing what I like to call a wake up call. Don’t pretend it’s not happening. Don’t pretend it’ll pass. Don’t listen to him when he says, oh no, you know. It was a one time thing. Don’t take any of that in and believe it, look at what’s actually happening. And realized look. Ask yourself you’re happily married, probably none. But if you were happily married really happily married and use my standards don’t use these worldly standards. What are the standards for happy marriage? Number one, happiness is ever increasing every single day. You should expect that you can and should make that happen. Ever increasing happiness the other and I call these the promises of marriage. The other is ever expanding love. Why is it ever expanding. Well, love has no boundaries, but our mind is ever elastic and we have to push it out so it could experience that love and it grows every single day. Don’t waste your marriage. Do something.

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