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Recovering from an affair. How long does it take?

How hard is recovering from an affair? Learning how to recover from an affair isn’t just a matter of how badly someone wants to heal. It’s also of a matter of time and dedicated intentional work. I can’t tell you how many times each week I’m asked how long does this take. And my answer… Read More »

Recovering from an affair

Sometimes recovering from an affair can be tough. I think anybody that goes through infidelity probably comes to the point where they ask themselves or a qualified professional or therapist or great friend or someone they trust. And the question is. Is there ever a time where there is just too much damage. To try… Read More »

I’m Not Cheating, We Are Just Friends. Mental Cheating Is A Choice

There is so much confusion about what constitutes an affair, especially mental cheating. There’s even more confusion about what an emotional affair is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard: “Well, I’m not having sex with that person, so it’s not unfair.” I really want to set the record straight and help people… Read More »

What is a Mental Cheating? Have You Ever Emotionally Cheated?

Now today’s question is all about mental cheating. So let’s define what an emotional affair is because I think a lot of you would be surprised an emotional affair is when we engage in a very emotionally intimate relationship with someone other than our partner or spouse. This isn’t a sexual or physical affair. This… Read More »

The Anatomy of Emotional Cheating. What is Mental Cheating?

I want to talk about the true anatomy or what’s underneath the facade or the guts of the mental cheating. So first of all, there’s a neglecting each other’s personal needs. You start seeing this in relationships. They don’t care about how each other feels. They’re not as a tune to each other. They’re not… Read More »

The reasons why the cheating people cheat.

I’m going to talk about nine reasons cheating people cheat and I’m also going to talk about some of my regrets. Psychologists try to get a better understanding of what drives people to commit infidelity. What I found goes way beyond the scope of what I believe and I thought it was very important. Share… Read More »

Do cheating people change?

I want to talk about how infidelity changes the person who committed the infidelity. And where the silver lining is because it’s this of course. Is a difficult topic and it’s not at all that pleasant topic, but I have helped many individuals who were betrayed as well as who did the betrayal and I’ve… Read More »

Why are men the most cheating people?

Why are men the most cheating people? Why do men cheat on women they love. I’m going to tell you the truth about why men stray and it might surprise you. Ok, so cheating is an emotional topic and I know this is going to get a very emotional response. So before I begin, I… Read More »

My Partner Cheated on Me and Doesn’t Want to Change.

My partner cheated on me and she doesn’t want to change. I’ve been with my wife for fourteen years. Twelve married, found out last year that she was kind of having an affair with somebody at our local gym here. Hey, let me can I stop, can I stop right there. What is kind of… Read More »

My partner cheated on me but I love him

My partner cheated on me, but I love him. What should I do, what should I say. I know that you feel hurt and that you are seeking some advice from your friends, your family and they will all tell you the same. That is just an asshole if you don’t have not cheated on… Read More »