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My partner cheated on me. I hate her.

Today I want to talk about how my partner cheated on me. It’s something that’s painful to talk about, but it’s important for me to address. And the reason is because some of you are going to get cheated on some of you are being cheated on as we speak and if I can kind… Read More »

My partner cheated on me. Twice

I wanted to talk about my experience of how my partner cheated on me. What it’s like to be madly in love with someone. And just be in like a longterm relationship and get cheated on because it’s just like a gut wrenching, terrible. For me, I was with my boyfriend for about three years… Read More »

How to forgive cheating?

So today we’re going to talk about how to forgive cheating. I haven’t really talked about this much just out of respect and boundaries because when you’re in the public it gets a little dicey. But when my affair came out. If you don’t know, my affair partner was one of my wife’s closest friends.… Read More »

How to forgive cheating? Is it possible?

If your spouse cheated on you, they’re in pain. And how to forgive cheating? You may thinking “How are they in pain?” I’m the one that got cheated on. But understand if they were in an affair or they’re in an affair now it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re in bliss or living high on… Read More »

How to forgive cheating?

How to forgive cheating? And should we forgive after we’ve experienced the pain of infidelity? And so the question becomes, what do we mean by infidelity. What actually does that mean. Perhaps it’s the husband who goes away on a business trip. And after a long day of work. Goes to the bar, grabs a… Read More »

How to deal with cheating partner? Will you forgive your spouse?

So, how to deal with cheating partner? Your spouse cheated on you. That hurts. Deeply. The faithfulness you believed in has been terribly violated. The trust you rely on is decimated. You feel a profound sense of loss, what you had. You no longer have and you wonder if you can ever have it again.… Read More »

Stay or leave? How to deal with a cheating partner?

How to deal with a cheating partner? Cheating is a very common thing in relationships, a very unfortunate situation that many people face. But many are struggling with should they stay or should they go, and today that’s what we’re talking about infidelity. To stay or to go? We’re going to talk about it, but… Read More »

How to deal with a cheating partner?

Does anybody know how to deal with a cheating partner? You’ve got to confront, you know some proof, some evidence. And you just confront and you say: “Is this true?“ Are you having an affair? Do you still want to be married to me, do you want this marriage to continue, because if you want… Read More »

Who cheat most in a relationship?

Being cheated on hurts and not only does it hurt, it also shatters your self esteem and breaks your will to trust anybody ever again. It’s a nasty thing. I want to tell you exactly what type of women are guaranteed to end up cheating so you can be careful and avoid the unbearable pain… Read More »

Once a cheater, always a cheater

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Now we’ve heard this phrase a ton, whether it’s in your everyday life or if it’s in cameron d s romantic comedy movies, let’s break it down for you. Basically what the phrase means is if a guy has cheated once, he will inevitably cheat again when I think… Read More »