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What should I do if my boyfriend is a cheater?

“My boyfriend is a cheater. What should I do?”Unfortunately, being cheated on is a common experience. And woman asking, how can they trust again. How can they open their heart again and we look back and I’ll ask them. What were there red flags that you saw before he cheated? And in every single case,… Read More »

The real reason why husband – wife cheating happens

You know Louis C. K. a while back talked about husband wife cheating probmel. He mentioned Tiger Woods. I really liked it because people were complaining about tiger woods and his affairs and also about Arnold Schwarzenegger in his affairs and um and one of the things that Louis C. K. pointed out. Quite very… Read More »

Why does husband – wife cheating happen in a happy marriage?

The question is, why do husband – wife cheating happens in a happy marriage? The simple answer is that men who are happily married do not cheat. I don’t care what you’ve seen in, you know, in movies and on television or even read in books or or heard from articles happily married men would… Read More »

Husband – wife cheating research

Research has found that certain physical traits and characteristics are linked in fidelity. Despite the arrival of ashley, madison and other websites designed to facilitate infidelity, yes, you did hear that right. A dating site or for married people who want to cheat. Not everyone thinks that sexual contact is classed as cheating for some… Read More »

Husband – wife cheating problem. Can cheaters stop cheating?

Husband- wife cheating problem is a serious topic. One of the main questions is “Can a cheater ever stop being a cheater?” Can a cheater stop cheating? And so the question becomes. If you are dating or if you are contemplating dating someone that has cheated in the past, should you do it or are… Read More »