Why do people cheat in relationships?

It’s always interesting why do people cheat in relationships. Because when you’re in love, your brain will maximize all the things that you like about that person and minimize all the things that you dislike. This relationship is the love of my life. Nothing can ever go wrong. And when that story is broken. Your… Read More »

Why Did They Choose the Affair Partner?

We’re going to talk about a very common question and the question is “Why do people have affair?”. Did my spouse choose the affair partner? Let me stress to you that there’s no one way that I could ever address why your partner chose the affair partner that they did. Please don’t assume that you… Read More »

Why do people have affairs?

My answer to the question “why do people have affairs” is that, for example, girl has problems and then she forget the people that she cared most. The kids, the family. She got horny and then she acted on because it felt good in the moment. Who wouldn’t find that exciting. Especially when the alternative… Read More »